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Beatriz Browne is a NYC based producer, storyteller, and director specializing in non-fiction multimedia storytelling.

She has worked with digital publishers such as The New York Times, and Fatherly, creating multi-platform original content with 37 million + views in specific videos . Her most recent work is the Docu-Series My Kid The which has been recognized and shared by prestigious outlets such as Good Morning America, Upworthy, Babble, and PopSugar Moms.

Born in Brazil but raised in China and the UAE, Beatriz has the ability to work in fast-paced global environments due to her international perspective and endurance. 

She excels at content ideation and story development, and establishing an organized workflow while multitasking several projects. With an extreme strength and ease of speaking to people, Beatriz is able to tell stories from all over the world, in addition to speaking 5 languages fluently. Her stories often involve explanation and emotion that resonates with a worldwide audience.